Burusports for already 20 years has brought all the best sports equipment from the whole world to Latvia. Because of the big love and passion for outdoor activities they have made ice skating and skiing more available by opening equipment rentals in Rīga - Ķīšezers and Biķernieki and also in Ādaži. In the summertime, they offer SUP rental in Rīga, Ķīšezers and in Ādaži. 
Set your mind free and enjoy all the best that sporty activities can give to you! 

Summer activities

Summer is a great time when to enjoy peaceful but yet sporty activities on the water. SUP (stand-up-paddling) is the best way how to enjoy the beautiful nature around Vejupe.

Cross-country skiing

In cold and snowy winters we cross-country skiing on lake Vejupe.

At the moment we're waiting for the winter to kick-in.

Ice-skating on Vejupe

In really cold winters we ice skate and play hockey on lake Vejupe. 

At the moment we're waiting for the winter to kick-in. 

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